Privacy Policy

Dear Valued Customers, As we care for your safety and your time we therefore request you to spare five minutes of your valuable time and read these important information/guidelines

1- RENTING PROCEDURE. Dear Sir / Madam Please make sure that you choose one of the following options if you want rent the car:

  • Credit card

We need valid passport copy, valid driving license copy and credit card (Visa- Master – American express – diners club – union pay – JCB – Mercury) From the credit card we going to block AED 1500 for small cars – AED 2000 – 3000 for midsize cars and AED 5000 for luxury cars and AED7000 for sports cars) The payment at this case can be done by credit card or cash.

  • Passport

In case you don’t have credit card we will keep your original passport (or ID for GCC only) and valid driving license copy + AED 2000 for traffic fine security which we will keep for one month and it will be transfer to your bank account after we be sure that you have zero fines.

2– Insurance policy. All our cars are fully insured without CDW (Collision Damage Waiver). The driver will be responsible for the excess liability charge (as per the bellow table). Economic Cars 1500 medium cars 3000 Sports Cars 5000 Compact Cars Family cars Luxury Cars Saloon 4×4 cars Luxury Cars – The hirer shall be exempted from the costs above if he held not guilty in the accident.- The hirer bears 20% of the value of the car deregistered or totally lost. – In all cases above, the agreement shall be valid until the repair is completed. – In case of any damages other than the clause mentioned above, customer will be liable to pay the necessary charges. – In the case of a police report without the other party customer will be liable to pay all the cost of the damage repairing. At all the cases insurance will apply only if there is police report The police number in UAE is 999 CDW CDW is additional insurance if paid in advance will be exempted from the costs above In all cases above police report is must.

3- Extra kms * For Daily agreements Maximum kilometers are limited to 350 km per day. * For monthly lease Maximum kilometers are 6000 kms per month. * For 3 days or more (less than month) the car will be unlimited Km. * Extra kms will be charged as on AED 1/- per km. *KM for sports cars are limited by 200 Km per day, Extra kms will be charged AED 3/- per km.

4- Salik Salik, meaning open or clear, is Dubai’s new electronic toll collection system , the toll gates are in Maktoom bridge, Garhood bridge, Shaikh Zayed Road and more in the future. Each time car will pass by Salik we will deduct AED 5.00.

5- Traffic Fines That the irregularities do not appear on the same day Therefore we will hold AED 1000 as traffic fine deposit to ensure the violations cost. To be returned to the customer one month after the date of the return of the carMoreover AED 30 to be add to each violation value as service charge

6- Fuel. Hirer should return the can in same condition of fuel otherwise he or she will be charged for the amount of his use.

7- Other terms Smoking, eating and drinking not allowed inside the car, Consumption of alcohol inside the car strictly prohibited, In case of negligence AED 400/-for smoking.

  1. in case of any accident hirer should not move the vehicle from the place Of accident until the completion of the police procedure and he has to provide all the required documents immediately to our office .otherwise he will be fully responsible
  1. hire charges should be paid in advance unless in a previous agreement.
  2. Vehicle should be delivered to the hirer in good condition according to the attached check out list and the hirer undertakes to keep sufficient water & oil in the vehicle.
  1. The hirer has to return the vehicle to the office for the periodical services.
  2. The quantity of fuel & oil at end the hire should be the same with the quantity when the hirer took the vehicle.
  1. in case of any mechanical damage that occurs to the vehicle hirer should stop the vehicle and inform the office .
  1. Hirer is responsible if the repairs the vehicle without awritten permission from the office.
  2. Hirer undertakes to drive the vehicle by persons who are licensed to drive in U.A.E.
  3. Hirer should not use the vehicle in any races, Rallies, competitions or by its kind.
  4. Hirer is responsible about any complement. Case or any obligations regarding the vehicle before the office or the official authorities.Which occurs within the hire also he alone will be responsible if he uses the vehicle to transfer any forbidden items that considered as illegal as per any of the countries l low hirer also should pay the full amount of the contract until some arrangement is reached between hirer and the office.
  1. Hirer should return back the vehicle at the end of the hiring period mentioned in the contract and the vehicle should be in a good conditions As in hire contract and has the settle all his dues after check – in and if to renew the contract he has to obtainthe approval of AUTO ASSIST RENT ACAR for further hire period, otherwise each delaying day mentioned in the contract. 12 . Hirer should not sub hire, lease, sub lease or pledge. 13 . hirer is responsible for all damages and repairs that occur to the vehicle with in the hire period , and he has to pay the full amount of the contract until the repair of the damage .
  1. one day hire mean 24 hours and extra hours will be calculated as a day.
  2. The vehicles permit to use only U.A.E the insurance covers only in U.A.E
  3. The hirer undertakes not to stick color papers or its kind on the vehicles glass or on body of the vehicle.otherwise hirer should pay a compensation of Dhs . 500 /- to AUTO ASSIST RENT A CAR and he alone full responsible at the face of the concerned authorities.
  1. Hirer should inform the police and AURO ASSIST RENT A CAR immediately if any accident happens to the otherwise he will bear the full responsibility in front of the concerned authorities.
  1. All notice and attentions should be brought to the present address.

The hirer allowed driving 350 kms / day and the above per K.M .50 fils will be charged.

  1. AUTO ASSIST RENT ACAR has the right to take the proper procedures against the hirer if he did not execute the conditions of the contract.
  • Following are some of the charges, which will be payable, due to Cigarette burn marks on the car seats and cleaning charges of abnormal dirtiness of vehicles.
  1. Cleaning and shampooing seats stains or interior of vehicle Dhs.500/-
  2. Cigarette burn marks on anyone of front seats (fabric) Dhs 1000/- and leather seats Dhs 2300/-
  3. Cigarette burn mark on rear bench seat (fabric) Dhs 1500/- and leather seats Dhs 3300/-